Karst Information Resources

This page provide links to selected resources which may be useful to those interested in learning more about karst, and to researchers active in the field of karst. Few of these pages have a specific karst science emphasis; they either come from the cave or science perspective. The purpose of this page is to bring together at one location information from both of these perspectives.

If you know of pages which might be useful to add, please submit the URL. KWI makes no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of content of these pages.

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Specific Information

An Atlas of Speleothem Microfabrics
A photo atlas from L. Bruce Railsback, Department of Geology, University of Georgia (added January 2001).

Karst Geomorphology and Hydrogeology, Principal References
A detailed listing of printed information sources.

Biospeleology, Principal References
A detailed listing of printed information sources.

Anchialine Caves and Cave Animals
Species and cave descriptions, along with information on taxonomy, biogeography, ecology, evolution and conservation.

The Virtual Cave
A beautifully illustrated glossary of speleothems. Good for illustrating these features to those not familiar with them.


Australian Speleology
Information regarding several organizations.

British Cave Research Association
Information regarding several organizations.

International Union of Speleology (IUS/UIS)
Information on the international governing body of speleology, sponsors of the International Congresses of Speleology.

Karst Waters Institute (KWI)
Information regarding the Institute, publications, and conferences. Online copies of all newsletters, and Contents of all other publications.

National Speleological Society (NSS; U.S.)
Basic information on the U.S. national caving organization, including on-line bookstore catalog.

Other Pages

The Hydrogeologists Home Page
Containing many links, including model download sites.

Sherry Mayo's Cave Pages
A highly comprehensive list of cave-oriented sites around the world.

Biospeleology Homepage
Links, photographs, information.