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The Karst Waters Institute publishes a semi-annual newsletter entitled The KWI Conduit which is available online (here) for free. Below are links to available electronic issues. As new Conduits are issued, they will be added to this site. Please note that the electronic versions prior to Vol 6, No.1, in general, only contain the text of articles in the Conduit, and not photographs, figures, or advertisements that may have been in the original (paper) version. Sorry!! Issues starting with Volume 6 contain the full content.

If you would like to be placed on the KWI electronic mailing list, to receive notice of new issues, and occasional other announcements of interest, please email the Editor, Toby Dogwiler, with your name, address, affiliation, and email address.

You may also SEARCH for concepts and keywords in the available issues of the Condult.

Issues of The KWI Conduit available online

  1. Vol.1, No.1 (Spring 1992)
  2. Vol.1, No.2 (Fall 1992)
  3. Vol.2, No.1 (Summer 1993)
  4. Vol.2, No.2 (Winter 1993)
  5. Vol.3, No.1 (Summer 1994)
  6. Vol.3, No.2 (Winter 1995)
  7. Vol.4, No.1 (Spring 1996)
  8. Vol.4, No.2 (Fall 1996)
  9. Vol.5, No.1 (Spring 1997)
  10. Vol.5, No.2 (Fall 1997)
  11. Vol.6, No.1 (Spring 1998)
  12. Vol.6, No.2 (Fall 1998)
  13. Vol.7, No.1 (Spring 1999)
  14. Vol.8, No.1 (Spring 2000)

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