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As well as publishing the newsletter The Conduit, KWI occasionally issues other special publications. These may report the results of research that the KWI has been involved in, or may be abstracts, proceedings, and field trip guides from Institute sponsored symposia.

Details and ordering information may be obtained by clicking on the publication name. For any other information, contact KWI Publications.

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Special Publication Series:

Hydrogeology and Biology of Post-Paleozoic Carbonate Aquifers
Edited by Jonathan B. Martin, Carol M. Wicks,
and Ira D. Sasowsky

Mapping Subterranean Biodiversity
Edited by David C. Culver, Louis Deharveng,
Janine Gibert, and Ira D. Sasowsky

Karst Modeling
Edited by Arthur N. Palmer, Margaret V. Palmer,
and Ira D. Sasowsky
Out of print - no longer available.

Karst Hydrology Atlas of West Virginia
by William K. Jones

Conservation and Protection of the Biota of Karst
Edited by Ira D. Sasowsky, Daniel W. Fong,
and Elizabeth L. White

Climate Change: The Karst Record
Edited by Stein-Erik Lauritzen
Out of print - no longer available.

Breakthroughs in Karst Geomicrobiology and Redox Chemistry
Edited by Ira D. Sasowsky and Margaret V. Palmer
Out of print - no longer available.