Karst Resources for Teachers


This page provides links on karst resources for teachers. It is provided as a service to those interested in karst education.

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Karst Resources for Teachers

  • http://www.nps.gov/ozar/skindeep.htm
    More Than Skin Deep, A Teacher's Guide to Caves And Groundwater: This teachers guide was created by the National Park Service. It focuses on the Ozark Mountain region of the United States, but has other useful information too.

  • http://www.usgs.gov/education/animations/
    Paper models of karst features: Templates for these models that were created by USGS Scientist Tau Rho Alpha. They can be downloaded from here, along with teaching materials. Select OFR97-536-A.

  • http://mac.usgs.gov/mac/isb/pubs/teachers-packets/exploringcaves/
    Exploring Caves - A Teacher's Guide: Exploring Caves is a comprehensive interdisciplinary set of materials on caves for grades K-3, covering geology, cartography, hydrology, and some biology. Includes poster,teaching guides, and many lesson plans with handouts.

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